"Life is Short...Your lashes shouldn't be!"

Don’t know how to apply falsies?

Don’t worry, here is one of our favourite YouTubers, Jennifier Chiu to explain the best way to apply lashes.  She goes step by step so they look perfect every time!


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4 Tips to keep your lashes longer

Proper care will preserve the quality of your lashes for up to 25 uses. When removing lashes lightly tug on the outer tip of the cotton band and gently lift off. Always handle your lashes from the cotton band; do not pull on individual strands. Slight shedding may occur with use, this is normal and inherent with genuine lashes.

Mascara and other lash serums can affect the quality of the lashes, where desired apply these products to your natural eyelashes only. A curler can be used on the lashes as necessary.

Before taking off the lashes use a cotton tip and lightly dab some water or oil-free eye makeup remover on the lash band to soften glue. Make sure to remove all remnants of the lash glue from the band after every use.

Do not soak or wash the lashes in water or any other product that may ruin the natural curl and shape of the lashes. Lightly dab the cotton band with a soft moist cloth to keep clean. Preserve the original quality of the lashes by storing them in their original casing after each use.